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Welcome to
Wallowa Lake Camp!

In the far northeast corner of Oregon lies Wallowa Country. This “Land of Winding Waters” contains 4,000 square miles of majestic snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, teeming rivers and deep canyons. The land embodies a rich cultural history of the Nez Perce people who occupied it for over 12,000 years. Come experience some of America’s wildest and most remote backcountry as well as a burgeoning arts community. Wallowa Lake, a glacier carved wonder invites boaters, fishermen, waterskiers, and swimmers.

Wallowa Lake Camp is located near the south end of a large, pristine, glacial lake at the foot of the Wallowa Mountains and the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, the largest wilderness area in the state of Oregon. Towering mountains and evergreens, a river, and the nearby lake provide a peaceful, picturesque setting.

What to do at Wallowa Lake Camp

Available activities on-site include volleyball, basketball, badminton, baseball, horseshoes, campfires, crafts, outdoor education, and wildlife viewing. There are both inside and outside environments for worship, personal meditation, and group discussions. Horseback riding is one of our most popular summer camps. Set within a prime resort area, nearby activities include boating, fishing, swimming, a tramway to superb high mountain views, wildlife and wildflower photography, llama treks, horseback rides, backcountry hiking and camping, whitewater rafting, and scenic air flights. Places to visit include antique shops, art galleries, bronze foundry tours, Nez Perce historic sites, and Hells Canyon.